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Kali Linux goes Backtrack

April 16, 2013


For you the Security Pen Testers, there is a new kid in town.

Listen to this post

Listen to this post here: 

Kali Linux is the new distribution of the famous BackTrack Linux used for 7+ years as the Pen Testers Open Source toolset of choice.

Why should you consider using it?

  1. It’s what the Backtrack team will be supporting for the long term
  2. Synced with Debian (if you prefer Debian) – you can get automatic daily updates if any are available
  3. Security tools are closely inspected and maintained
  4. You can customize your Kali installation during its setup
  5. Automated installs (fresher than stale point in time ISOs…)
  6. Better ARM architecture support for the tools
  7. Flexible choice of your desktop environment (KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Anything else)
  8. No need to re-install or re-setup your Kali install, as new major Kali versions are released

All in all, Backtrack got “Enterprised” into Kali…

Would you now switch to 

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